Looking at photographs of people as research is something I really enjoy. Sometimes when working with Supporting Artists we can pay homage to these faces from the past and in a small way bring them back to life. If we have time to recatch them on camera all the better! 


Small selection from a vast collection featuring Whitley Bay, Margate, Southend-on-Sea.

Everyday Mexican Traditional Clothing

When in Mexico this summer I was struck by the way so many women still wore traditional clothing to go about their day to day life. It's not hard to see why - lightweight, cool and loose fitting it makes it a practical (and beautiful!) choice.   

Winter Warming in India

Returning to Rajasthan in January this year I very much enjoyed the mix of knitwear that had become part of the everyday dress of the locals. Having filmed Viceroy's House in the summer heat it was a new addition to an already visually intoxicating way of dressing,  I couldn't get enough!